Cognizance Welfare Intiative

We, the Cognizance Welfare Initiative, aim to be an elevating platform for those without ample resources to express their opinions loud enough and to create awareness about all the lesser known happenings, the knowledge of which can be very beneficial to our society.

We pride ourselves in being associated with the renowned “Pothole Man”, Gangadhar Tilak, the founder of Sharamdaan. We have, with his invaluable help and advice, contributed to filling some of the many deathtraps that cause accidents in our beautiful city.

We have also participated in teaching the young students of a government school, imparting knowledge that would be useful in their future endeavor. The government school in question is one without many facilities which shaped our childhood and helped us become better human beings, and seeing this, we are determined to give these children the said facilities so that their childhood may be even more colorful than that of ours.

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